Representative Adrian Smith (R-NE 3rd)
6th-term Republican from Nebraska.
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Sen. Deb Fischer
Rep. Adrian Smith

February 16, 2013

 Dear Congress Representative,
I am strongly opposed to an "assault weapons" ban and a ban limiting the capacity of magazines. I will not support either of these bans or a representative who does. It is argued that banning "high capacity" magazines and "assault weapons" is "common sense" if it would "save one life." This is not acceptable. I am not satisfied with saving just one life. Dozens more lives could be saved by keeping semi-automatic sporting rifles and their "high capacity" magazines in the hands of law abiding citizens, and increasing the number of armed security guards and volunteer teachers who have been given the proper training on the use of a firearm in schools and other public areas. If public safety is your concern like it is mine, you will vote against an "assault weapons" ban and a "high capacity" magazine ban.
Thank you for your time.

North Platte , NE