Representative Karen Bass (D-CA 37th)
4th-term Democrat from California.
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Rep. Karen Bass
Sen. Dianne Feinstein

January 31, 2013

 Obozo , this is a concern red blooded american, it is in almost 87 % of the american peoples minds, on what exactly you think you will keep getting away with . First we would like to know why you think you can connstruct your own agenda by excutive order. See we all think your a complete moron and we all know that your excutive order is only binding when it concerns the operations of the government. So your excutive orders dont mean sqaut to us. And to be honest we all know for a fact your an illegal alien and we are pushing in near future for your impeachment demanded by the people. You think that when we heard you say that americans are stupid lazy people and your wife say all this over a stupid flag. Please take this in a small , but stern warning you are a criminal to the american people , your fake polls and your lack of telling the truth is well known We know that your political party is the socialist democrats of america. We will let you think that we are stupid lazy people , but pls since you continue to try and take americans guns, just remember you are flesh and blood you and biden both. ITS A JOKE ABOUT HAVEING SEX WITH HIS SHOTGUN AND IT BLOWING HIS GROIN OFF. Please let me say that the american people can not wait until you are impeached and hopefully arrested for letting felloiw americans get murdered. Your and egotiscle idiot and a compusive liar. We as americans wish you would just leave our country alone, why are you trying to destroy our country , you were born in kenya and if we could prove beyond thats public records even when these records clearly tells us that your a illegal alien and a enemy of america. When you decide to try and play idiot and try and get our guns its just gonna get very bloody and americans killing other americans over a dog illegal alien will not be tolerated. I am just expressing our will as i was elected to say what i am saying. To the majority now we know your a commie idiot and we wont tolerate it much longer. And for Biden s bid for the white house it wont happen, we had an honest poll and it was biden in office after dealing with this dog kenyian idiot obozo. Hell no way. And we would like if you would stop your lieing and say its the will of the american people. our only will is that you get the hell out of our white house do something to help america not kill her, we are also delivering you this message , if you think you can take 175,000,000 peoples guns without everyone banding together you are badly mistaken , jsut leave your commie ideas in your stupid commie mind and leave our country soon you are no longer wanted here