Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN)
1st-term Democrat from Indiana.
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Sen. Joe Donnelly
Rep. Luke Messer

March 19, 2013

 I am an American Citizen and Damned proud of it. I served three years 1966 - 1969 in the United States Army, Field Artillery and can tell you 1st hand the war is hell. I am now sick and tired to see the direction that this Country of Ours is headed and I can not help wonder what all the lives of young men and women from the Revolutionary War to Afghanistan were lost for. So we could become a Socialist State? Bull <profanity removed>. We all deserve better than this and so does our future generations.

Why hasn’t there been an Impeachment Investigation begun in the House of Representatives? God knows the Administration lied to Congress, to a Federal Court, The American people and killed American Citizens without Due Process. Who in their right minds can tell us that is not enough to start hearings?
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Brookville , IN