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7th-term Republican from Texas.
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Rep. Michael McCaul
Sen. John Cornyn
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February 28, 2013

Sequestration - Yes.

It is past time to go forward with the spending reductions. Maybe then all of you will seriously consider the issues and come to some resolution to reign in out of control spending, corruption in governemnt finances, out of control welfare, pork barrel projects just for your district and many more spending issues. The time is long overdue to address what is best for the country as a whole.

Unemployment benefits:
There are jobs but many people make a better living off unemployment than working and you make it easier. Unemployment benefits should be cut back to the same time frame of 10 years ago. I have been out of work several times and unemployment helped bridge the gap until I found another job. That is all it should be not in lieu of employment as many are using the program.

Houston , TX