Representative Randy Hultgren (R-IL 14th)
4th-term Republican from Illinois.
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Rep. Randy Hultgren
Sen. Richard Durbin

March 15, 2013

As a recently retired economist I can almost laugh at the current Republican proposals. Indeed, I would laugh if they were not so dangerous to our economy and for 99% of us. Their proposals are clearly motivated by self-interests and personal greed to the detriment of us all including themselves in the long-run. These plans are foolish, poorly conceived and self-serving.
Steps that will work and will in the long-term benefit everyone are the following:
1. C-Corporation contributions to our economy must be increased. They have many special tax breaks that can be deleted or decreased without seriously impacting their viability. They must start to contribute more and while they will fuss, as a former large business adviser I can guarantee you it is just that! Fussing and an attempt to manipulate Congress. Some are wise enough to understand this. Ryan, Boehner and Cantor clearly lack the wisdom to "get it".
2. The military budget must be reviewed and decreased. They don't need increases right now and indeed have told congress the same.
3. Our elected officials need to take cuts in benefits (health care and retirement) and in pay. They need to face the same economic impact the rest of us do in troubling economic times. Only then will we see wisdom coming out of congress.
4. After ALL of the above have been addressed then look at the Social Security the wealthy retiree receives. The wealthy don't need these funds while the poor and middle class DO! (Oh but some would rather steal from them then pay what they can afford themselves. Is that not right Ryan?).
5. AFTER (and ONLY after!) the economy starts to improve, look at ways to decrease the deficit. The deficit will begin to naturally decrease with good economic times and when we are fiscally stable we can assist in decreasing it more. History has proven the deficit will decrease when the economy improves. For some reason Republicans like to ignore historic fact when it comes to their budget plans.
We the people must educate ourselves. If we had properly done so our "Representatives" Ryan, Boehner and Cantor would have never made it to Congress. I must use the term "Representative" loosely because they clearly only represent themselves and their wealthy donors.

Naperville , IL