Representative Randy Hultgren (R-IL 14th)
4th-term Republican from Illinois.
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Rep. Randy Hultgren
Sen. Richard Durbin

March 15, 2013

 As usual the radical far right is showing their true colors through the budget proposals by Paul Ryan. His plans are unnecessary, cold, heartless and economically dangerous for our country. He is purposely using all of us. As an economist I can only shake my head that anyone could possibly think that the proposals by Representative Ryan, Representative Cantor and Representative Boehner are wise, well-thought out and for the common good. It is painfully obvious their plans are horrendous, will put us deeper into debt, pull the plug out of our current economic growth and will benefit a few at the long term expense of all, including themselves.
Arrogant, self-absorbed, lacking intelligence and lacking empathy, these men are truly the worst of the worst, from both an ethical and moral standpoint. These men don't deserve any respect from we, the citizens, nor from their fellow congressmen.
What fools are we that some believe these men have anyone's interests at heart with the exception of their own?
What fools are we that they were elected in the first place? We must be damn stupid, arrogant and uneducated ourselves that men such as these, lacking all morals and ethics were elected to the house. I find it disgusting at best.
Republicans it is time to shape up, learn Economics 101, actually stand by the country rather then your own self-serving interests. Start listening to those educated in such matters rather then the "worm-tongues" that whisper falsehoods in your ears for special favors. If you understood politics, as well as economics and were not so easily "bought" you wouldn't have these unethical, self-serving men at the head of your party.

Naperville , IL