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4th-term Republican from Illinois.
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Rep. Randy Hultgren
Sen. Richard Durbin

March 12, 2013

 Once again Representative Paul Ryan proves he doesn't understand economics 101, wants to put in place plans that are unnecessary, that are draconian and favor the rich at the expense of everyone else. Foolish and foolhardy are his plans and no Economist worth his/her weight in salt would say his plan makes sense, or are necessary.
He fails to understand that to entirely get rid of any governmental deficit is not necessary nor is it wise during bad economic times. One has to monitor and control it (keep it from growing excessively) but sometimes deficits make sense and are necessary for the common good (the same holds true for businesses). Top economists have stated over and over again this is NOT necessary and is down right foolish in bad economic times while the deficit will naturally decrease in good economic times. (Which is when plans to decrease it should be implemented). However Paul Ryan of course knows far better then the experienced and the experts.
He also fails to acknowledge the economy is getting better with democratic policy in place. It must really be a hard fact for him to shallow. It must also be really hard for him to shallow the fact that the deficit will decrease on its own as the economy improves.
So hard to shallow indeed, that he wants to push through his agenda, one that will help his wealthy friends and himself while leaving the rest of us worse off. The obvious fact is (to Economists), his policies will increase our deficit and make us all worse off in the long run.
What fools have we elected? What egotistical self serving fools have we elected? As an economist with 27 years of experience I can assure you,there are plenty, with Paul Ryan leading the pack, that are working for their own selfish interests with total disregard to the well being of our country. Heaven help us, because we, the people will need it. We elected these self serving fools and now we are paying the price for our own lack of education and knowledge.
Thank you to the Democrats for understanding Economics 101 and, or at least listening to those knowledgeable and with the experience to know what needs to be done now. I would certainly welcome seeing a bit more wisdom and ethical behavior being practiced by my elected officials than Paul Ryan displays or appears to be capable of. We the people deserve better then the likes of him.

Naperville , IL