Representative Tom Cole (R-OK 4th)
8th-term Republican from Oklahoma.
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Rep. Tom Cole

February 26, 2013

 I urge you not to increase taxes in any way. I am a single mom with three children making approximately $60,000/year. I live as frugally as possible--no cable, no home phone, no internet. However, between taxes taking over $10,000 of my pay, health insurance taking over $5000, and gas taking nearly $7000 each year, I cannot even afford a home. If it were not for a home owned by my family that I am able to live in for only the cost of utilities and maintenance, I would be sunk. I could return to my $40,000/ year job where I had a negative tax burden and I could possibly be better off--but I do not have an entitlement mentality. The cost of everything has increased rapidly in the last few years, but our tax burden has remained high--meaning that we have far less money with which to pay our everyday expenses. Our country is in serious trouble, and something must be done! As our representatives, it is your responsibility to stand up to this outrageous spending and the growing entitlements.

Tuttle , OK