Representative Tom Cole (R-OK 4th)
8th-term Republican from Oklahoma.
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Rep. Tom Cole
Sen. James Inhofe

February 21, 2013

Elected officials,
Please come to an agreement about the sequester and end this madness! I understand that people have to follow what there constituants want, but now it has come a time to act in the best intrest of the contry. Allowing this to go forward will not only be a catastrophy, but it will harm alot of innocent people. People that you may or may not be aware of. My daughter is 2, if this sequester hits then it will degrade my effectiveness at supporting her. I believe that you truly want whats best for america. Well with that said, what is not good for america is that sequester. I am not asking for you guys to be best friends, but I am asking you guys to sit down and work through your differences and come to an agreement. I agree with increasing taxes on the top earners, the needs of the many out way the needs of the few. I also agree that MAJOR reforms need to be made to entitlements. As a cashier at a dollar general store I witnessed people that drove up in a NEW caddilac escalade (a 50k vehicle) and used food stamps to pay for groceries. Sorry if you can afford that suv you need to buy your own food. Guys let us never forget that BEFORE political party WE ARE ALL AMERICANS!And as americans we have a responcibillity to ensure that america NEVER falls and that the fight is always on their turf not ours. Please come to an agreement and dont gut the military or entitlements.

moore , OK