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Rep. Tom Graves
Sen. Johnny Isakson

March 13, 2013

My name is Tara Coffman. I am writing to you because I need your urgent attention to the matters listed below.
I am a mother with 5 children living At home a home of which I am loosing due to my husbands continued abuse to me and my children.
First I would like to explain that my husband and I have been married for 9 years. Through this nine year period he has had severe alcohol problems pill problems and severe suicide problems that have continued on and off through our marriage.
I tried several several times to get him help and to support him when he tried to do better.Reguardless of his decisions during our marriage I tried to stand behind him and help him in any way that I could.
Over the last few years he began getting worse and worse. He would leave on Fridays after beating me up in front of our children and stay drunk for days at a time. He began becoming abusive to not only me but to out older children. Suicide attempts went from being a few attempts a year to attempts and threats of suicide weekly . He has tried suicide by hanging himself, drowning himself and by use of weapons and guns..
I have needed to leave for years but he would threaten suicide , or threaten to evict us from our home. His favorite sayings were that he signed one child over and that he would sign his rights away to all of our children. He would also say that he would have all of us evicted from our home and that we would be homeless . He also would threaten suicide if we left.
I lived in fear of finding him dead. I lived in fear of him harming or killing us.
I even went to the point of going to se his aunt Alice to discuss his mental stability since her husband( my husbands uncle) and 2 others in the family have committed suicide . His other uncle is also in a home for the unstable. I had many discussions with his parents about my fears .
Beginning in November 2012 he became totally uncontrollable and unstable. He began drinking very heavily. He began severe suicide threats and also began waking me in the middle of the night . He began coming home in drunken rages and raping me. In April of 2012 he came home drunk and burned our 2 year old daughter and then himself.
I called the police and he was told to leave.
He moved out but kept trying to get back with me. In June I had surgery and he beat me up and pushed me down the stairs 3 days after surgery in front of 6 children 3 of which were ours. In June he was also arrested for battery. In July of 2012 he was arrested for holding me and our 3 smallest children for hours and abusing me and our 6 year old . He was arrested for child cruelty , terroristic threats, interfering with a 911 call, assault and battery etc..
1) The first problem was that he was held without bond. The district attorney set him a bond hearing for which I was to be subpoena but I was notified it was cancelled and would be rescheduled. Then suddenly he was out on bond without the district attorneys office knowing that he was out or even a hearing. I want a investigation to this and a explanation to how this happened. No one to this date can explain how this happened. The district attorney did not know he was out or schedule a hearing.
2) I received a protective order as advised by dfcs. But when I went to court for the hearing on it he showed up with his criminal attorney . I was not allowed a proper hearing and was not involved in any decision making of my tpo. I never saw the judge which is very uncommon. I was also told that I would receive 832.00 â€" 1032 a month for child support but after they had a hearing without me I was awarded 448.00 a month for 4 children. Children ages 2,4,6,16,18,
3) The order states that he cannot tamper with utilities but before we left the court hearing he already disconnected all of his children’s and my cell phones which was a violation of the court order. one of our children has severe asthma and needs a cell phone at all times .
4) In October of 2012 Mr. Coffman transferred his mail to his mothers which transferred our utilities and our home mortgage bills etc. he told our caseworker Angela Moore(dfcs) that this was done so he could pay all of the bills to catch me up and help me since I had had a car wreck for which I was injured and that I had also had 3 surgeries and could not work. Then he never made one payment . I did not have any access to mortgage bills so the modification of our loan was stopped by him. I also did not know until January 12, 2012 that my home was in foreclosure since he was receiving all of the bills.
5) Mr. Coffman told our case worker that he would not provide me the information needed to modify or save my home and as far as he was concerned our home was gone.
6) Mr. Coffman informed me in court in front of our case worker that he was not giving me money or letting keep home since I had a man living with me . this is not true!
7) Mr. Coffman is forcing me from my home with 5 children in our home. He is only paying 114.00 in child support weekly. he has been working since September and was making on average 700.00+ per week . this is still the abuse that he threatened over and over to force us from our home.

8) I filed a emergency hearing January 16th 2013 to try to force him allow me to modify the home for the benefit of our children. The judge rescheduled the hearing and ordered the clerk of court to add it back on the calendar which was not done .

9) I requested it to be added back on only for it to be rescheduled by the judge.

10) Mrs. drake (his attorney) is claiming that the judge told her to tell me and dfcs to set up visitation with the children although there was no hearing on this date nor was there any orders. This is very concerning to me considering he has not seen the children in 8 months and there are councilors and psychiatrist in this case that are saying ( no visitation) . this also concerns me because all of our children are having difficulties and I am having difficulties from trauma .I am concerned that the best interest of the children is not being considered since no evidence had even been heard nor a hearing performed.

11) My husband and Melinda Campbell are slandering my name and making up places that I am at and things that I am doing that are not true. I can provide 1000 of text proving slander and harassment .

12) Mrs. drake also had violated several ethic rules by representing my husband and then being the mediator for Melinda Campbell and her divorce which has given he possible opportunities to get information to use in my case.

13) Mr Coffman has not been required during this case to have a mental psychiatrist evaluation or to have suicide treatment. Mr Coffman also has not been required to attend any licensed treatment programs for alcoholism. I feel that no one is taking it seriously that he threatened and held us to kill us .

I feel that it is wrong that no one involved is concerned that a stay at home mother and her children are being forced from their home by a abuser. I am very concerned that no one involved is doing anything to stop this continued abuse. I do not have the money to move. I am entitled to spousal support and also adequate child support which I am not getting. Mr. Coffman is eating out 3 meals a day, going on vacations and living at home with mommy. We his families are loosing our home, trying to pay utilities and buy necessary cleaning and feminine needs, pay insurance for cars, buy medications, buy gas etc on 448.00 per month. My children are doing without their needs and he nor is anyone involved concerned about this.
How can this man hold us and tell us he was going to kill my children, then me after I watch and then kill himself and then be allowed to force us from our home while everyone closes their eyes as if its not their problem.
At this time I should be receiving spousal support until I can get on my feet and get a job after medical illness and being a stay at home mother. I should be receiving adequate child support at which any decent father would be providing without waiting for a support order. The home should have a order that Mr. Coffman cannot force us from or home and that he cooperate and also assist in bringing the mortgage current. This is all due to his mistakes not mine or the children. He should have a order that the children’s life should be as stable as possible and that it is a violation of his bond and protection order to interfere with our home or to force loss of our home. My children are having extreme difficulty with the abuse and behavior of their father. if my children loose their home it will be very traumatic to them and also will affect their treatment that they are already requiring due to the trauma from their dad. He should not be allowed to continue trauma towards the children and I. he should also be required to support his family adequately. He also should be forced to pay any and all bills before our separation and to pay my attorneys fees.
I am asking for your immediate attention in this matter .
770-684-1451 I would appreciate your prompt response

Thank you,
Tara Coffman


rockmart ga , GA