Representative Tom Graves (R-GA 14th)
5th-term Republican from Georgia.
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Rep. Tom Graves

March 1, 2013

Dear Congressman Graves,
I am a hospice chaplain. Hospice is a wonderful and caring industry that runs on medicare reimbursements (it also saves Medicare a lot of money because terminal patients are no longer taking ambulance rides to the hospital for futile care). As best I can tell based on my research, sequestration will cut Medicare reimbursements by percent.
My wife is a counselor in a local public high school. My wife and I both have advanced degrees (master's and further training) and we are both very much middle class Americans. We are highly educated and work hard offering care, counseling, and guidance to students, parents, and children through life's difficult situations as well as through crises.
We also have two children who are in public schools. It appears that the effects of sequestration could trickle down to affect families like ours in pay cuts or furlough days. This is not necessary.
I am also concerned about the millions of government employees who will most definitely be affected by sequestration through furlough days and/or pay cuts or possible layoffs. This will bring our already sluggish economy to a screeching halt.

I am much more concerned about the disastrous possibilities mentioned above than I am about precious tax loopholes for the wealthy. Please extend your hand across the aisle and work with fellow congressmen to come up with a smarter, more sensible plan. If you are concerned that the government is too big and these cuts are permanently necessary then I would suggest that you please consider a more gradual approach that will not send our economy into another recession.

Hiram , GA