Representative Tom Graves (R-GA 14th)
5th-term Republican from Georgia.
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Rep. Tom Graves
Sen. Johnny Isakson

February 22, 2013

 To the Congress of the United States of America,
The State of our country is an embarrassment. You, as the leaders of this country should be ashamed of yourselves for you inaction and total lack of regard for the citizens you were elected to represent. All you seem to be able to do is argue with each other with delay and confusion of the facts at hand. Our national debt is a complete absurdity and your lack of spending control is atrocious. You are letting the President circumvent your authority by allowing his Executive Orders to get thru without the least bit of resistance. Are to live our lives by the will of one man. This is NOT Germany or Italy! We are the United States of America! This country was founded on freedom from tyranny! We are a Republic, not a Democracy! You jobs are to do as we the people want you to do for this country. You are not there to dictate how our country is to be run. Some of you have forgotten, if you ever knew, what your job is for. The system of Checks and Balances doesn’t work if you don’t use it. I, like many people I know, am embarrassed to have the current leadership we now have. It’s time for our leaders to stand up for this country, our military, our homeless, our needy, for us and stop sending our money and arms to countries that are not our allies. They will not return the favor believe me. While you all get richer the rest of us are struggling just to pay our bills from month to month. We can’t continue to pay higher and higher gas prices, higher food prices. How do you choose between feeding your family and gas to get to work so you can keep the roof you have over your head? I wish we could fire all of you at once and start over! I for one will be voting AGAINST every incumbent in my district until I see results that the people I vote for are doing the job I voted for them to do. I will be sending this to every member of Congress, the President, Vice President and posting on my facebook account. Maybe others will pick up the cry for a change and force you to comply.

Lindale , GA