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4th-term Republican from Maryland.
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Rep. Andy Harris
Sen. Benjamin Cardin

March 12, 2013

  Hi I am a property owner in Cecil County who is currently being sued by The Board of Cecil County Commissioners. I had an old boat on my property that started out as a family project but progressed into a clubhouse. It was behind my house and not hurting anyone and I just don't understand what the difference really is between that and a tree house. In my opinion its better than a tree house because it is an actually boat with built in couches and a bed, you could pretend you were sailing the high seas. I don't understand why something like that disturbs the Commissioners so badly that they want to call me malicious and in wanton disregard for county laws and state that I am causing immediate irreparable injury to the citizens of Cecil county. Can someone please explain to me how having a old boat on my property is being malicious and causing immediate irreparable injury to anyone especially them.
I also had a unregistered vehicle on my property that I kept on my property to clean out then take to junk yard and then a neighbor asked if I would hold it till he could get it because his family needed cheap transportation. I agreed to keep it and help them out and that is when a neighbor must have complained. As soon as I received notice about this I arranged to take vehicle to junkyard and I worked on getting rid of the boat. It is not easy to get rid of an old boat that has been sitting for years but eventually we found a charity that would take it. It broke my heart though to have to rip out my sons clubhouse although he is older now he was still quite fond of it.
So yeah I got rid of boat and vehicle and yet still the county is taking me to court stating that I refuse to do anything which is not true. They are asking the court for me to pay lawyer costs on something that should not even be going to court. In the lawsuit papers I am being accused of having salvage on my property. I'm not sure what they are referring to there. I have a go cart outside some lumber and misc items that are my belongings but i'm not allowed to store what I want on my own property. Is that what the County Commissioners are saying? Am I know to be told by an inspector what he considers salvage and what he doesn't? How is that fair? Anything else I store on my property should be my own decisions and I should not have to be judged by one man's opinion of what he considers to be salvage.
This whole thing is completely blown out of proportion by the board of Cecil County Commissioners. I believe it is unconstitutional to be able to come upon my private property and dictate to me what or how I keep my own property. I have watched the pickers show on television and it enrages me that my state has the right to dictate things like this when other states allow their residents the right to do what they want with their private properties. I hope there is something that can be done about this it is just not how we should have to live in a free country.

Chesapeake City , MD