Representative Andy Harris (R-MD 1st)
4th-term Republican from Maryland.
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Rep. Andy Harris
Sen. Benjamin Cardin

March 6, 2013

 I have just been laid off from my job as a defense dept. federal contractor for the second time in 6 months after nearly 13 years of dedicated service. The first layoff came with 2 days notice. The impact has been devastating to my family. I have advanced education and experience in today's fields, including web development and cybersecurity, so this is not due to lack of training.

I would be happy to have a job to be furloughed from, however the only people I've seen getting civil service positions had relatives already working for the government pulling strings. I spent endless time applying for these jobs only to witness a civil servant's family member get it. Then I would do their work while they'd get the credit, awards, advancements and accumulate time for their pensions. USA Jobs is useless to a qualified candidate who is not a veteran or not already in the civil service.

Get rid of nepotism in government. Family members should be prohibited from working at the same locations and the same agencies. Then qualified people can be hired for these positions and a large part of government waste would be eliminated.

I've campaigned for several candidates including the president and I can't even measure my disappointment. Fund the government or step down right now since we can't vote you out fast enough. Compromise. Have a conscience. Be accountable to the citizens who voted for you in good faith to serve the best interests of our country. You are throwing open the doors to our enemies within and without.

Street , MD