Representative Andy Harris (R-MD 1st)
4th-term Republican from Maryland.
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Release of incarcerated illegal aliens into the society...

Rep. Andy Harris
Sen. Benjamin Cardin

March 5, 2013

The recent release of jailed illegal aliens into the society (many of them convicted criminals) under the cover of calling it a "sequester" cut is, in my opinion, a disgraceful abandonment of the government's duty to protect its citizens.

There is probably no one in America who doesn't know there is so much fat (waste, fraud, duplication and abuse) in government spending that far more than $85 Billion could be cut solely from those wasteful programs with absolutely NO NECESSITY to cut programs which are matters of public safety.

Since this prisoner release is so obviously nothing more than a disgraceful political ploy, I would urge all public officials, at any level, from either party, to come clean and begin to operate in the best interests of the American public. Stop the release of incarcerated illegal aliens into US communities. If you must release them, then fast track their deportation and release these criminals into their countries of origin.

And stop trying to fool the public into thinking this is somehow a "necessary" cost savings. Few of us believe it.

Denton , MD