Representative Andy Harris (R-MD 1st)
4th-term Republican from Maryland.
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Rep. Andy Harris

March 3, 2013

Rep. Harris,

I can't communicate in words how disappointed I am in you and the entire core of elected officials. Not only has the level of your ineffectiveness reached ridiculous proportions, but it has managed to put hundreds of thousands of jobs for the middle class and poor at risk. Meanwhile, yourself and every other member of congress will not be sacrificing a cent of your already disproportionately large salaries. Like you, I am a lucky person within this mess because I happen to have a job with some security. So I am writing this letter not on behalf of myself but for my fellow citizens who will suffer as a result of your incompetence. (And I hope you don't feel as though I'm singling you out. I am sending this exact same letter to the other representatives from my district.) This whole mess seems like a grand social experiment in how much the American people are willing to take, and if it is, I personally have hit my limit. Perhaps it is time for a complete overhaul of our political system. Clearly it's not working. You and your colleagues from my district have lost my vote for what it's worth. And judging by your actions you must think not very much. I hope that you do have more care and sense of duty for your responsibility as a civil servant that it seems from recent events. I hope that you are stirred by the ever worsening situation and moved to act for others rather than yourself.

salisbury , MD