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Concern for Safety of EVERYONE at Northern Michigan University

Governor Rick Snyder
Sen. Tom Casperson

January 24, 2013

 I cannot believe the full report “Details Emerge in Drowning Probe” on the front page of THE MINING JOURNAL of January 23, 2013, because of what’s been left out of the report; and because of how Dr. Wong and a professor who is also an ordained minister responded to me, a student in the professor’s class, on March 18, 2012, when I was trying to report a classroom situation that COULD lead to the professor getting seriously hurt or killed. Dr. Wong asked me: “Is the Professor Armed and dangerous?” and “What are your credentials?” He would not hear anything else I tried to communicate. He didn’t tell me to go to the police or contact the professor…nothing. I never heard from Dr. Wong again. I contacted the professor by email and used a swear word at the end. He never acknowledged or responded. However, two squad cars, one from NMU and one from the City of Marquette went to Peter White Public Library and my home, showing a huge mug shot of me.
Later, when I heard of this, I went to the City Police who called NMU and a campus policeman came with a big stack of papers, the last of which had yellow highlighting on the one short sentence with the swear word. He to tell me never to go near the professor’s classroom again; and he asked me: “Do you know about the wonderful counseling services available on campus if you need to talk?” “Do you have family living nearby?” “How do you spend your time every day?” “Have you considered suicide?”
In the Autumn of 2012 NMU closed, public school students were sent home, and the hospital were locked down because of some threat on the Internet; yet Dr. Wong didn’t even call my bluff, if he thought I was bluffing.
I emailed my fellow classmates because I realized that EVERYONE on campus is at risk of being put off if they try to even discuss a possibly dangerous situation. I also withdrew from NMU and no longer attend programs and events associated with them. I am a conscientious objector to how employees and customers (students) are treated; and I have not set foot on campus further than the Cohodas building when I went to sign up to address the NMU Board of Trustees and when I went to address the Board of Trustees on May 4, 2012.
I sent this information to many newspapers and government officials. None of the newspapers responded and the few government officials who responded told me to address the Board.
I have contacted President Haynes, who never even acknowledged my messages. My concern is that anyone who says anything that NMU’s administration thinks may give NMU a bad reputation will put faculty, staff, and students at risk of retaliation, such as getting fired or forced out of class. This can be managed and people silenced, despite unions.
To me, the coach’s excuse for not watching students exit the pool is a lame one because the students must be made to understand that a coach looking out for safety isn’t abusing female team members. Plus, in this situation I understand the lifeguard was female and she should have been doing it anyway.
Because of the location of the drowning, a university pool where lifeguards and water safety instructors like me (1960s) and the lifeguard who was on duty while the soccer team worked out are trained and certified, I can’t help but wonder about the current quality of education and training of lifeguards and water safety instructors at NMU.
Also, even if Arioanna had managed to hide her epilepsy from everyone her knee injury was known and she, at least, should have been made to rest when seen to be tired, no matter what she said. And it should have been made clear to everyone there why the coach or lifeguard required that.
In the January 17, 2013, edition of THE NORTH WIND no mention was made of Arianna Alioto’s death or the soccer team. Instead, there’s a lengthy article about how the UAW getting their contract approved after almost two years of negotiations. Yet, the next morning Channel 6 announced that the case was closed; and THE MINING JOURNAL had a big splash about Arianna Alioto across the front page of that day’s edition, January 18, 2013.
I’m seriously concerned about the safety of everyone on campus because they are more concerned about their reputation and hiding the truth as long as possible than they are in the safety of each and every person who spends time on that campus.
I am demanding for a thorough investigation of Northern Michigan University, their Board of Trustees, and their administration before someone else gets hurt or killed. Arianna Alioto’s drowning is a blatant and obvious result of one NMU policy that I stated to the Board of Trustees: “NMU is one of many organizations that have an unwritten, unspoken policy of ‘Kill them by ignoring them’.” And, to me, that’s exactly what happened to Arianna Alioto and can happen to anyone else out there.

Marquette , MI