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Wildcat Women's Soccer Team Silenced & Covered Up: Team at Risk

Governor Rick Snyder
Sen. Tom Casperson

January 19, 2013

 Arianna Alioto's drowning death in the Northern Michigan University
swimming pool after a soccer team workout is a bloodless murder through
gross negligence. No one should be left alone in a swimming pool,
especially when person known to have epilepsy and knee injury. Had death
been accidental, she'd have died despite receiving immediate emergency
treatment, rather than her body found floating in pool 35 minutes after
the NMU Soccer team left the pool. No one was reported to have said she
was missed in the locker room afterwards.
The Women's Soccer Team members know the truth and may have been silenced.
I think they may be at risk for retaliation and for post traumatic stress
symptoms which are documented to lead to escalated drug and alcohol abuse,
suicide, and flashbacks.

I've been reporting this to newspapers nationwide and worldwide, to our congress people, everywhere I can think of and I've been labeled and shut up and shug off. What if Arianna werre your child? Would you think the circumstances of her death as normal? Coach and lifeguard were obviously doing their job and your child could be next.

Marquette , MI