Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ 8th)
8th-term Republican from Arizona.
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No On AWB and N on Universal background checks

Rep. Trent Franks
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Jeff Flake

March 6, 2013

It is important at this time not to let emotions get in the way of good policy. An "Assault Weapons" bill, as these semi-automatic weapons have been so named, is a step in the wrong direction without question. It would set a dangerous precedence of what others may attempt to build upon in the future. Further eroding the strength of the 2ND amendment. These are difficult times indeed. We must be careful with what we do. Also A universal Background check is a bad idea. In spirit it seems great, in practice it would only work with a complete Gun registration. This has already been determined to be illegal. and The American Public would never stand for this. Choose wisely.

Glendale , AZ