Representative LaVar Christensen (R-UT 32nd)
6th-term Republican from Utah.
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Virtual Hearing on Immigration - Secure Borders First

Rep. LaVar Christensen
Sen. Orrin Hatch

July 11, 2006

As part of's virtual hearing on immigration reform, I want to share my views on this important issue. We must secure the border before creating a path for citizenship for those illegal aliens already here. If not, we are only inviting more to cross the border seeking out future amnesty. We must secure the border from terrorists immediately. If our country is attacked again and it is discovered that the terrorists responsible crossed our southern border, then the fault will be on those in government who did not act today in stopping the flow of unidentified people entering our country.
Please act now! Close the boarder! For our safety if nothing else...

Thank you!

Sandy , UT