Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA 23rd)
6th-term Republican from California.
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Rep. Kevin McCarthy

March 11, 2013

As a sixty-four year old,white,male who has voted for more Republicans than Democrats in his life I was amazed to hear you said that Obama should have made conciliatory moves towards Republcans four years ago. Are you insane? Have you forgotten that Obama won the election in 2012 based on Americans resentment of you and Republican values like yours? For the last five years you have been one of the chief obstructionist in government who has caused more pain for the average American than anyone else except your supprt of Bush's failed policies that put America in the mess it is in today.
In short you are nothing short of a scumbag,slimeball, liar who is the poster child for why Americans hate congress and in particular Republicans. It would be a blessing to America if a brick fell on your head from three hundred feet.

Las Vegas Nevada , CA