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8th-term Republican from Utah.
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February 28, 2013

 Dear sirs,
I am a GS-13 Program Readiness Integrator working for DCMA at Hill Air Force Base with 38 years of civilian and military service. I have loyally served my country in many different capacities and tried to do the best job I could for my whole career, but though I have always supported my country, I believe that my country specifically the politicians who are at the forefront of this latest debacle have failed to support me, my family and the rest of citizens of this great country. My wife is also a civil servant at Hill AFB and between the two of us; we will take an estimated 40% cut in pay (2x20%) with the impending furloughs that appear to be emanate.

We are paying for Washington’s lack of action on this matter and quite frankly I am disgusted with everyone’s actions Democrat and Republican alike. I will now be forced to look for additional income, possibly a second job to make up the short-fall caused by the lack of action on the part of our politicians. This Sequestration will have such a devastating effect on the local economy that even if I wanted to get a second job, I probably won’t be able to secure one.

Washington needs to act to lessen the hit that the Federal workers will take and by trickle down affect, the rest of country. Please do not forsake us.

West Haven , UT