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6th-term Democrat from Connecticut.
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Rep. Joe Courtney
Sen. Richard Blumenthal
Sen. Christopher Murphy

February 28, 2013


I am writing to voice my opinions on gun control.

I do not support any new restrictions on magazine capacity,banning certain types of guns or registration of guns.

These laws will only impact law abiding citizens.Criminals do not care about new or old laws.

Days before the newtown massacre,adam lanza tried to purchase an AR15 from a gun store,but was denied by the national instant background check system.

By trying to buy a gun that you are knowingly inellegible to purchase he committed a class D felony.

Why wasn't he arrested on the spot?His exact location was known,if the police were contacted when someone is denied by the system, then these people could be taken off the streets and perhaps some crimes prevented without hindering honest citizens.
This would be a new law I would support.

When a drunk driver kills people,who is blamed?

Always the driver,sometimes the person who served the alcohol.Why not the car?Or the car manufacturer?Why not the alcohol distiller?

How can we blame guns for murder?

Ashford , CT