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6th-term Republican from Florida.
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How secure is the border?

Sen. Marco Rubio
Rep. Gus Bilirakis

March 12, 2013

I'd like to know, with all the taxpayers money, being spent on questionable items, such as 1.2 billion rounds of ammo, thousands of automatic weapon, MRAP military vehicles, drones and a fence that the boarder isn't "COMPLETELY" secure.

I'd like to know why these taxpayer paid items such as agents armed with automatic weapons, sitting in MRAP military vehicles are in the our streets, rather than on the border.

I'd like to know why these taxpayer paid drones are flying over U.S. cities and not along our borders.

It seems that the Department of Homeland security is more interested in spying on and flexing it's militaristic muscle with law abiding U.S. citizens, than protecting and defending the border.

Why would that be? What is my money going to pay for? 

oldsmar , FL