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President Obama and my congresspersons and the congresspersons of the State of Kansas

Rep. John Carter
Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz

March 10, 2013

 President Obama Although I am now living in Texas in my younger days I was born and raised in Pratt,Kansas and drafted by President IKE in 1958 from Kansas.

A story on Fox Nation stated that Teens from Kansas had to cancel their long planned trip to visit the White House . since you the President are hell bend on punishing we the people under the theory we will vote Democratic .

Sir YOU ARE A BLACK PRESIDENT and it is a insult to not only the state of Kansas but to all the states that spilled blood to free you black people.

Kansas was the first state to spill blood over the slavery issue years before the civil war.

What you are telling Kansas and all the states that spilled blood to free you black folks is to go to hell. As your black theory of destroying the USA and destroying its natural resources is more important than the blood and money spent to free you black people.

So PLEASE my congress persons and pass this letter along to congress persons of Kansas .

And since it is now by the Black President policies Kansas and other states made a terrible mistake in freeing the blacks as via a Black President is now cursing the USA.

So please pass a bill that forces the NAACP whom support all Obama policies including snubbing the children for Kansas and other states to pay back to Kansas and all the states a sum of 17 Trillion dollars ASAP .As the NAACP support a Black President in enslaving the entire USA.

And also since the Supreme Court has ruled that the USA is now a slave Nation under Obama Care and are no longer free under the US Constitution but slaves to Obama Care the Supreme Court be impeached ASAP and cut all money to pay for the Supreme Court back to us taxpayers. ASAP.

Harker Hgts , TX