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8th-term Republican from Texas.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Civil Rights:
I am afraid our President has cracked up ,look at his eyes. GOP demand he be tested for sanity

Rep. John Carter
Sen. John Cornyn
Sen. Ted Cruz

February 28, 2013

Notice the eyes of Emperor Nero? They are the same eyes of President Obama during his speeches on how bad the GOP is?

My congresspersons.

Journalist Bob Woodward just blast Obama “ Madness “ and It is clear by Obama actions that Our President is as crazy as Emperor Nero. And like Nero is hell bend on destroying the USA as Nero was hell bend on destroying Rome because the Romans refused to worship him.

And notice Nero also gave the wealthy of Rome the same treatment as Obama , stealing their wealth for Nero Pet project . and near the end Nero went so far as to force the wealthy to will their money to Nero and then had them murder. IS that the next plan for crazy Obama. And his Democrat suck ups.

Since President Obama  is like Emperor Nero . PLEASE pass as soon as possible a bill that requires the President to be tested for sanity. And having the Nero complex.

And for National interest IMPEACH Obama ASAP. To save this great nation
And if the Democrats support the mad man then pass a law the will let the states succeed from Nero or the Obama Nation.

And form a new nation with out Obama care or Nero Health plan replacing the US Constitution .

PLEASE SAVE THE USA from a black mad man who thinks he is a white NERO.

Look at his Nero eyes as he makes speeches clearly he is mad or on drug which make him have the Nero complex.

HELP we the people as we are being lead by a Insane fool who thinks he is NERO.

Harker Heights , TX