Senator Jim Oberweis (R-IL 25th)
2nd-term Republican from Illinois.
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Sen. Jim Oberweis

February 15, 2013

 Not only do I firmly oppose all forms of gun control proposed by the president, and sen. Feinstein I actually have severe doubts you have any legal ability to tackle the subject of gun control lets look at a few un negotiable facts. The definition of Unalienable is: Not to be seperated, taken away or given away, and a ban on an assault weapon would be taking them off of the market which by supreme court ruling District of Columbia Vs Heller is also unconstitutional as you can not remove any class of firearm in common use by American which the semi auto rifles you call assault weapons are as well as the commonly used " high capacity magazines which are used by target shooters and professional shooters, I use them myself when I go to the range. Now lets look at the definition of infringe, to take away ones rights, so by taking away the right to own or buy a standard 19 round magazine you would be infringing because you took away my right to buy it. The constitution and the bill of rights is written as we the people, not we the government or we the police or we the military. There maybe a lot of people who want some gun laws changed, tough you live in America we have certain rights in this country others don't like: like the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to own a semi automatic ( fully automatic if you have the paperwork and license ) to protect yourself from a gang member on the street, a burglar in your house, a rapist trying to get your kids or the politicians that cross the line into tyranny. I get asked often can you give me an example in the last 200 years of a tyrannical event and the answer is yes I can: Battle of Athens 1946.I storngly suggest you increase the penalties for uses of illegal guns from a slap on the wrist ( 2-3 years with 85% time ) that's a joke. You are going to put a gang member in a prison ( the gangs run the prisons don't be fooled. The higher ups still run the outside gang as well as the ones in the prisons. they still get money, sex, drugs they just don't have the interaction with normal everyday citizens). so what have you done to that person nothing. In 1-2 years they will be out again and do it again. They will do another 2 years..that's the sickest part of all of this is you are letting these monsters out to do it again it's not the guns fault, it's our politicians when we need you to make gangs unappealing you target legal gun owners instead. Here is a solution that might work : any type of illegal use of a gun ( felon,stolen,straw purchase, gang member etc exemptions placed on defending ones self, home, possesions and loved ones ) 25+ years no parole mandatory, break up gangs in prison if that means we need to execute murders and the others waiting on death row at a much faster pace then we should. Furthermore with the cost of inmates why do we keep them on death row for 20 years we can not afford to keep doing this. In case you say it's a human rights issue the people in chicago have the right to not live in a gang war zone, but chicago has been ineffective at best on this problem. They add more cops, stricter gun control, and splinter the gangs all things they said would make it better, it didn't as a matter of fact it made it worse, it's so obvious we can not trust these politicians yet none of you are willing to break away from these tried and failed tactics, This is why today I'm sad to be an American and even sadder to be from Illinois. I am a one issue voter and I want a response to this.

yorkville , IL