Senator Jim Oberweis (R-IL 25th)
2nd-term Republican from Illinois.
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Sen. Jim Oberweis

January 19, 2013

 Obama and his administration have now crossed the line of treason by forming an agenda group to undermine a right guaranteed to us by the constitution, I'd call for the vice president to remove him from office but the vice president is in league with the act of treason I therefore call upon our sworn representatives to remove them both from offices and remove all executive actions done by the president to undermine the 2nd amendment as well as Senate bill 1867 : anyone who believes this bill should be enacted needs to be removed from office immediately: If you as my elected representatives will not have the backbone to stand up for the people you are sworn to protect, I promise if we have another election as free americans I will vote against everyone of you that takes the anti american agenda being passed by a president pretending to love this country as he turns us into a 3rd world war zone. If you want some proof any citizen is more likely to die in Chicago than a soldier is to die in Afghanistan where were actively in a war, let me repeat this a different way for Mr. Kirk The strict gun control our cities such as chicago and new york city have cause our cities to become worse than war zones, because unlike terroists gang members don't care if an innocent dies, gangs are not trying to repeal an enemy who invaded them, not on a holy crusade, they want controll of a street corner and they will kill, you me and every kid in miles to control that corner. I'm an american citizen and I'm tired of being made a victim by my government I demand you take action against this treasonous dictatorship that is taking over our government.

yorkville , IL