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2nd-term Republican from Utah.
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Rep. Chris Stewart
Sen. Orrin Hatch
Sen. Mike Lee

March 7, 2013

Do you represent the American people or do you represent a foreign nation at the expense of the American people?

All Americans are now subject to budget cuts and the State of Israel should be NO exception.

So many government officials have prostituted themselves to the Israeli Lobby and the entire country has been so brainwashed by mainstream media, that they accept any and all atrocities committed by Israel. This HAS to stop, and NOW!

A war with Iran is totally unacceptable. We cannot afford it and it would be the biggest of all of the tragic mistakes the US has made in the past decade, but Israel is continually pushing for it. Tell Israel to BACK OFF!

Take care of America, for once, and NOT the belligerent State of Israel! She wants war with Iran, let her go it alone on her own dime, not ours!

Salt Lake City , UT