Lt. Governor Tim Griffin (R-AR)
1st-term Republican from Arkansas.
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Lt. Governor Tim Griffin
Sen. John Boozman

February 26, 2013

 I know that you care deeply about our Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is not just words on parchment. It was not a frivolous "suggestion" from our Founding Fathers to be interpreted according to whim. It lies at the heart of what this country was founded upon. Our Founding Fathers knew that without it, all of our freedoms could be in jeopardy.

Dianne Feinstein proposed Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 is a calculated attack on the second amendment. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Enforce the laws and punishments we have in order to reduce crime. Address the TV, Movies Producers, and Video Game Producers that sensationalize criminal activities, killing, and going against good order and conduct and ultimately desensitizes society. These same areas are covered under the 1st Amendment. So is it your intention to strip away our civil liberties granted under the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights?

In our fragile economy, we have elected officials wanting to marginalize and restrict free enterprise by putting political and executive pressure on companies to stop producing and selling firearms and ammunition. This is abuse of executive powers. Are you going to allow this to continue?

Your focus should be on strengthening mental health care and improving the quality of data supporting NICS checks (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Do NOT pass more gun laws; instead, work to enforce the more than 20,000 gun laws already on the books.

I am Your Constituent, Soldier, Veteran
and I vote. Please represent me.

Conway , AR