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5th-term Republican from Kansas.
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Rep. Lynn Jenkins
Sen. Pat Roberts
Sen. Jerry Moran

February 17, 2013

 Dear sirs,

This my first time writing but the current situation is so severe I feel compelled to write in.

I am a 25 year old white male. As such I am aware I fall into a certain stereotype. I have however in my short life had a varied experience. I have lived in TN, AZ, OR, WA and most recently Kansas. I have lived both in big cities and country. I have visited Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Mexico. Not simply as a tourist but a student going and seeing how the locals live. I have worked in broadcasting, customer service, sales, hospital environmental services, and manufacturing. I am currently an OTR truck driver. Everywhere I have been I have talked and learned from the wisdom of those I meet. As such I hope when I say this you take it to heart.

I only became involved in firearms about a year ago. I grew up with a pacifist father and read about heroes like Desmond Doss ( a conscientious objector and Medal of Honor recipient). It is high ideal and I respect it. However it is that an ideal. The world is filled with bad people as well good. So I chose to get involved in firearms so I can defend myself and those I care about.

I have the highest respect for law enforcement and our military. They risk their lives everyday so hopefully I won't have too. But they are not, should not and cannot be everywhere at once. If a violent crime happens to me I am the first responder and need to be able to defend myself. This is why I ask you don't limit my ability to do so nor take away mine and your liberties.

For those of you defending the second amendment: Thank you! Pleas keep up the good work.
For those of you trying to pass this gun legislation: please stop what your doing. It will only cause more harm. We need more liberty not less.

Thank you for reading this.

Neodesha , KS