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5th-term Republican from Wisconsin.
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Don’t let the enemy in through the back door!!!

Rep. Sean Duffy

February 16, 2013

Don’t let the enemy in through the back door!!!

Read your encyclopedia " it appears that history is beginning to repeat itself.

Many of the things Obama has been doing recently are paralleling what Hitler did in his rise to power; i.e., using the democratic process to legally defeat the democratic-style of government so he could replace it with his socialistic-style government, using the campaign-style of speaking to the people to gain their support, and making appointments to his cabinet that eventually gave him the legal power to overthrow the democratic-led government.

You and your constituents should do everything in your power to oppose Obama’s decisions and appointments. Obama is leading us down the path to do exactly what he wants: “fundamentally change” our government as we know it.

If Hagel’s appointment is approved, that will give Obama the tools necessary to destroy our government as we know it.

It appears that Obama is siding with the enemy when our enemies were cheering loudly in the streets of their countries when Obama announced his appointment of Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

Obama is not leading this country. He is doing everything that appears to be destroying it by his inaction to work on balancing the budget, making decisions that are not in the best interest of our country, over use of executive privilege, and going out and using his campaign style appeal to get the people to back his decisions.

Don’t let history repeat itself " get rid of Obama through impeachment or at least stop him in his tracks!

Do not give in to him and DON’T approve Hagel’s appointment. If you do, we may all live to regret it!

A recent Gallop poll indicated that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with Obama’s leadership (or lack thereof).

It’s time to look at impeaching Obama before we lose our democratic government to Obama’s "fundamentally changed" socialistic-style government!!!

Mosinee , WI