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February 11, 2013

Good day,

I write today regarding the gun control fever going through Washington and across the country. I am a retired police officer of 30+ years and also a four year U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam era. I am also an avid hunter, gun owner and outdoorsman. I am currently a CCL holder in 26 states as well. I mention all of this because I have carried one or more loaded firearms for work or for pleasure every day for more than 39 years.

I have fired tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition throughout the years from everything between a 50 caliber machine gun and a BB gun. I am here to tell you that nary a single firearm of mine has discharged accidentally, on its own or when it otherwise should not have. Nary a single innocent person or critter or even a paper target suffered because one of my firearms malfunctioned or was mishandled.

Now having dealt with people for as long as I did as a police officer, I can assure you there are a lot of people out there who have real problems. Be it depression, alcohol, marriage, stress, financial, mental health, drugs, esteem, religion, anger or whatever, there are many reasons people harm other people.

It would appear to me that my government wants to legislate more laws to make it illegal to do something that is already illegal. Once again and without a doubt, I can assure you that the only people more gun control laws will effect are the law abiding citizens who do not have any of the previously mentioned problems.

Violence in America is influenced by thousands of factors. We cannot pass enough laws to influence this. We need to have parents and religious leaders influence our children with positive reinforcement and not prohibit or regulate prayer and faith while promoting evil.

Most importantly, of all I write today, more gun laws will only give many of us a false sense of security and our children, our schools, our neighbors and ourselves will be no safer tomorrow after all this is said and done, than we were a year ago or a month ago!

New Richmond , WI