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5th-term Republican from New York.
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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Tom Reed
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February 27, 2013

Congressional Leaders,  
I urge you in the strongest terms to vote your conscience on gun control. That is, if you have a conscience. If your own greed and ambition, politics and special interest bribery blind you to the truth of what is best for the country you have sworn to represent, then vote to block and thwart rational gun reform, and help put weapons of war on our streets to be welded by anyone who chooses to harm innocent citizens, shred our tiny children to ragged meat in their classrooms, and at all costs protect the profits of those who thrive on the market of war and defend the angry and the ignorant, the greedy and the sick.
All these things a coward can do easily. But, if you do have a conscience, and the courage to act upon it, then do. Enact strong background checks, ban military weapons and large magazine clips, embolden measures that protect society from the mentally ill and hardened criminals.
The blame is not yours, you did not cause those helpless last seconds of agony and terror as a tiny innocent mind struggled to understand why mommy and Daddy were not there to protect them, who fled in pain and confusion a world that failed them utterly, who left behind a lingering and inexplicable grief among those who loved them, among a nation that too often endures this accelerating madness.
You are not to blame, but by virtue of who, and what, and where you are now, you are now responsible. The gun is not in the killer's hands now, it is in yours. If you don't like the cold heaviness, the crack and ring in the ear, the smell of burnt powder, and the bitter metallic taste of another's blood as it sprays your face, and the sickly-lilly smell of death, then put down the gun.
Some day soon you will look in the mirror and either wonder how many fruitful lives you have spared by your actions, or how many you have put to brutal and untimely death by your blameless, responsible hand.
Godspeed my friend.

Trumansburg , NY