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4th-term Democrat from Alabama.
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Rep. Terri Sewell
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January 30, 2013

 Dear Sir or Madame,

Please do not support any new gun legislation. Please enforce the thousands of gun laws already on the books. Lets look at making mental health a priority as it is the most apparent cause of these "mass shootings". Criminals DO NOT abide by laws New gun control legislation would only affect the law abiding citizens who are not a threat to anyone. Look at the city of Chicago and ask yourself if "gun bans" work. I think you would come to the same conclusion that millions of voting Americans have came to. It simply does not work. Look at Mexico, a country with a nationwide firearms ban yet thousands are murdered every year at the hands of gun toting criminals. People kill people not guns. What is also apparent is most gun violence is committed by ex felons who should have been locked away long ago. We need stiffer and swifter punishment for known gang members, violent criminals and murderers. What would work is trained armed guards in our schools. I do not want my 2nd Amendment rights infringed upon any further than they already are. I will preserve my right to bear arms. I am an active voter and so are my family members. We all feel the same about this issue and we do not want anymore gun legislation. If you choose to support any new gun legislation you will not have our vote. I hope you can work with us and help us preserve our freedoms.

Northport , AL