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5th-term Democrat from Alabama.
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Rep. Terri Sewell
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January 27, 2013

 Don't allow Feinstein's proposed unconstitutional gun ban to become law,SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED was put there stop and make it illegal to do what this ban is trying to do.Many good law abiding citizens like myself are being DEMONIZED for owning what they call an ASSAULT RIFLE which is what the military has us.It makes no sense to make me a criminal over night,like they did in New York,by passing such a stupid law.In 2008 September 9th in Lebanon,Virginia Obama clearly states has not a gun-grabber and pro 2nd amendment what did you just lie to get elected and tell the people what they wanted to hear.If you really meant what you said on that day then you wouldn't be supporting this AWB.I think this country's financial crisis should be addressed instead of trying to turn lawful people into criminals over night.Making a law won't stop criminals from doing evil acts that is why they are criminals but make it easier for them to ROB OR KILL because they know the law-abiding citizen will obey the law.I also think a magazine restriction won't save any lives someone intent on do harm to others going to do it he has 10 rounds or 100.Leave me alone I am not your enemy, I am not a criminal,I am an AMERICAN who wants his freedoms to not be taken away.

Birmingham , AL