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5th-term Republican from Alabama.
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Holiday for Native Americans

Rep. Martha Roby
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Sen. Richard Shelby

February 26, 2013

 My name is Kenneth Parker Wyatt 3

I see that we have a full month of February for African Americans, however i don't see no recognition for Native Americans and i highly think that this country needs a holiday for our Native ancestors considering they owned this land before the spanish and europeans came over and forced this land from them what we call United States of America. I believe the Native Americans deserve the recognition and respect to have a holiday for them, they are the true reason for our knowledge today on farming hunting and fishing. So i am demanding a holiday for them. If this doesn't happen i'll go through thick and thin to make this happen because it will happen and you people will do this because it is only right and they deserve it!

P.S. I look forward on hearing from you regarding this matter

Greenville , AL