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Rep. John Yarmuth
Sen. Mitch McConnell
Sen. Rand Paul

March 14, 2013

Senator Paul's filibuster and the nominations of Hagel and Brennan, have brought information concerning our "drone" program to the attention of the American people.

What is called a "drone" is actually an airplane that is flown by a pilot that is not physically present inside the plane. Some "drones" are "armed" with cameras and other intelligence gathering devices. Other "drones" are "armed" with bombs and missiles.

Apparently, all "drones" are being operated by the Central Intelligence Agency, rather than the Armed Forces of the United States.

This is manifestly wrong. The CIA has no military function. The CIA should not be firing missiles or dropping bombs. That is the function of the military. "Armed" drones should be flown exclusively by our military and should be off-limits to the CIA. A dead man does not talk and therefore gives no "intelligence".

"Unarmed" drones certainly do gather intelligence and may be used by both the CIA and by the Armed Forces.

Please prohibit the use of "armed" drones by the CIA. If necessary, "sequester" the CIA's money.

Louisville , KY