Representative Billy Long (R-MO 7th)
4th-term Republican from Missouri.
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Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. Billy Long
Sen. Roy Blunt

March 5, 2013

 I support the efforts that my representative Roy Blunt is proposing. Instead of being stupid, and trying to cause panic I believe our government can create a budget and target those spending items that we don't need, while paying for the items that we do need to be paid for. I make decisions every month, every week, trying to make the money I earn go further by spending smarter. Sometimes I make a bad decision and have to live with the consequences. Surely with all of the people we have hired into government positions we can make the hard decisions and come up with something that will start reducing our debt.

The time is over for throwing money away, its time to make sure that whatever it is we pay for that is a VALUE to the people of the US not just a new trinket that will go out of style next year.

Thank you!

Springfield , MO