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4th-term Republican from Missouri.
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Rep. Billy Long
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February 26, 2013

 My message to all of you is with respect to the financial/mortgage companies that literally bright the USA to it's knees. It's been months, if not years now, that we determined that these organization made some very poor decisions based on greed. We talk about the fiduciary responsibilities of these type of organizations as being critical to the confidence of the American people. In this case, the leaders of these organizations totally abandoned their responsibilities for multi-million dollar bonuses! If this isn't the best case to assert criminal fraud, I don't know what it would be. I can assure you that if I, or any other "regular" American attepted just a fraction of what these people did, we'd be wearing stripped suits and breaking rocks - yesterday! So, the question I now have is why have none of these criminals been brought to justice??? If you are going to stop this kind of behavior, you have to make an example out of these guys. It's not like these guys were caught shoplifting a bottle of wine - They brought our country to the brink of financial disaster!!! Throw a few of them in jail to discourage others from doing the same. These guys think they're above the law anyway. They're just hiring high powered attorneys to file endless motions until this whole thing is just a distant memory!
To top things off, we're (US Government) now going to go after Lance Armstrong for fraud. Really? In the whole scheme of things the government is going to chase pennies instead of dollars(Lance may be guilty and need to be tried, but the effort to do so will be disproportionate)? If Lance goes to jail, is that going to send the same message as sending the CEO of Citi Group, Wells Fargo. . . to jail? I think not.
Throw a couple of these guys in jail - even if they bond out, beat the charge. . . it sends a message to everyone that you can't cripple the US economy without having some serious PERSONAL consequences.
Buck the lobbists, buck the lawyers - do the right thing!

Springfield , MO