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4th-term Republican from Missouri.
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No Pospone again Please cast your vote for senator Hagel for nation to move forward.thanks

Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. Billy Long
Sen. Roy Blunt

February 20, 2013

Please Support cast your vote and confirm senator.Hagel. he deserve 100 vote to move nation forward for world peace in amicable way without war

Senator Hagel was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and I believe that he is more than qualified to implement the Administration's policies in Afghanistan and around the world, as well as to manage the Department of Defense in an era of reduced spending.




February 14, 2013

Please No Filibuster cast your vote for hagel for nation to move forward thanks

Please cast your vote for senator.Hagel for peace and world good
relationship justice delay just Denny


Subject: Chuck Hagel to be the next defense secretary From Jan. 31
my dear , friend senator.john.mccain,Sen. Jim Inhofe and others happy new
year please support and vote for president nominee Senator.Chuck Hagel to
be the next defense secretary from Jan. 31. to implement Bush agenda for
world peace which ObamaBiden/ Hillary. Clinton has been Implementing
gradually with necessary amendment thanks
dr.samuel.adeniyi.ajanaku(ACTIVIST) 421 SEWARD SQ SE DC.20003
2024769622)Cell phone =================== =======================

Re: Your Concerns
Monday, 10 April, 2006 7:00 PM
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Dear Dr. Ajanaku:
Thank you for contacting me regarding electronic eavesdropping on American
citizens by the National Security Agency (NSA). I appreciate hearing your
thoughts on this very serious matter. As you know, on December 17, 2005,
President Bush admitted to authorizing the NSA to conduct electronic
eavesdropping on American citizens inside the United States without first
obtaining a warrant. According to the President, this program has been in
existence since shortly after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Checks and balances are the bedrock of our system of government. In 1978,
Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA,
P.L.95 511) to permit the federal government to seek orders from a special
court to tap the phones of people in the United States. In order to cover
cases that require swift action, FISA permits seeking warrants after
surveillance has begun. Congress included in FISA the requirement that the
government seek the FISA Court’s approval to wiretap as a check on the
executive branch's authority. It should be noted that since 1979 the FISA
Court has approved nearly 19,000 applications for FISA wiretaps, while
rejecting only a handful. The President's decision to ignore FISA and
bypass the special court raises critical concerns that deserve Congress’
attention. On December 20, 2005, I joined several of my colleagues in
requesting a joint inquiry into the President’s actions by the Senate
Intelligence and Judiciary Committees. Unfortunately, the Senate
Intelligence Committee, of which I am a member, recently rejected a full
Committee investigation of the NSA wiretapping program. Instead the
Committee voted to create a seven member Subcommittee, made up of four
Republicans and three Democrats, to look into the program. I have been
selected as a member of the Subcommittee. While we must give law
enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need to investigate
terrorist activity, it is imperative that we do so under the law and in a
manner that upholds the civil liberties of Americans. On December 21,
2005, I delivered a statement on the Senate floor regarding the NSA’s
electronic eavesdropping program and FISA. My complete statement on this
matter can be found on my website at
[ As you know,
Senator Russell Feingold (D WI) introduced a resolution (S.Res.398) to
censure President Bush for authorizing the NSA’s electronic
eavesdropping program. This resolution has been referred to the Senate
Judiciary Committee, where it awaits further consideration. As a member of
the Senate Intelligence Subcommittee investigating the NSA program, I have
chosen to reserve judgment on S.Res.398 until I can complete my review of
the program. Thank you again for contacting me. I will be sure to keep
your thoughts in mind as the Senate addresses this issue. Sincerely, Carl


11 May 2005

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Flag this messageTime is ShortTuesday, 17 October, 2006 12:00
From: "President George W. Bush" Add sender to
ContactsTo: Dear Samuel. ,

In 2004, you were part of a historic nationwide organization that
propelled my campaign to victory. Together we delivered a clear message
to the American people about the need to keep our Nation safe and secure,
the need to keep our taxes low to continue creating jobs. That message proved successful because you
delivered it to your neighbors, co workers, friends and family. This
year, I am asking for your help once more. An important decision will be
made this Fall whether our agenda of hope and optimism continues, or
whether the Democrats take control of the House and Senate. The help you
gave my campaign in 2004 was invaluable, and I am asking you to go to work
again this Fall for your Republican congressional candidates. Time is
short Election Day is under one month away, and in many places people are
about to vote early or via absentee. We must do the important work of
grassroots campaigning if we are to maintain a Republican majority in
2006. For nearly six years, I have worked with
the Republicans in Congress to protect Americans by strengthening our
homeland security and pursuing terrorists where they live. Together, with
a Republican majority, we passed tax relief that spurred unprecedented
growth and now need to make that relief permanent. And, working with
Republican leaders in the Senate, we confirmed two extremely qualified
Supreme Court Justices who faithfully interpret the Constitution instead
of legislating from the bench. I plan to continue this agenda for two more
years, but I need a Republican majority in Congress to continue the
progress we have made. Without it, you can bet that our political
opponents will do all they can to roll back important tools like the
PATRIOT Act, to raise your taxes, and stop me from appointing conservative
judges to the Federal bench. Thank you for what
you did to return me to the White House in 2004. I hope you will put your
talents to work for Republican congressional candidates in Iowa this year.
The consequences of not succeeding this fall are dire for our agenda for
America. Sincerely,

George W. Bush

washington dc , MO