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4th-term Republican from Illinois.
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Rep. Adam Kinzinger
Sen. Richard Durbin

March 8, 2013

Given that:
1. Israel is a highly developed and wealthy nation with per-capita GDP of over 32,000 per year, which is higher than in many European countries and higher than the GDP of the bottom 40% of Americans (125 million Americans).
2. Our own financial and economic situation is in dire need of money to reduce the deficits and the public and private debt, fund our education and the health of our citizens, repair/rebuild our dilapidated infrastructure, solve our high employment problem and reduce our increasing pockets of poverty in our urban and rural areas

In addition, consider the following very pertinent facts:
1. The policies of the Israeli government in the Middle East are contrary to the interests of the United States of America
2. Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian lands in contravention of International Law, The Geneva Conventions, UN Security Council Resolutions and US Law
3. Its policies towards the Palestinians are repressive and brutal and contrary to basic civilized behavior

If the above urgent, immediate and practical facts do not move you, then consider this:
• There are millions of starving, disease-ravaged and/or desperately poor children around the world who urgently need our help

I respectfully request you to NOT EXEMPT from sequester our annual military and financial aid of several billion dollars (as well as any ad hoc sums in the pipeline) to the wealthy and prosperous nation of Israel and put the money to better use here at home where it is urgently needed.

Dekalb , IL