Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV)
1st-term Republican from West Virginia.
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Ryan Budget

Sen. Shelley Capito

March 12, 2013

I have seen the details in the Ryan budget he is proposing this year, it's ridiculous, he is expecting to keep the write off's in Obamacare yet he proposes gutting the program for the people it helps, I realize you vote on average 95% with your party however, this one issue, hurting folks who need the affordable care act to be able to afford health care, that's just wrong, and it's medicine show tacticts, and wrong, Defunding again, planned parenthood, which is a huge help for low income women in this state to keep from getting pregnant, which would also reduce the rate of abortion, a bunch of those policies they have been throwing out, and the fact that none of them benefit the middle class, seriously, refusing to vote to increase minimum wage, I personally believe anyone who voted against that bill should be forced to live on minimum wage for at least one year, or before any senior gives up their meals on wheels, congress should voluntarily take a cut in pay comparable with the minimum wage they voted against. It makes perfect sense, since it would appear Bonehead is completely dead set against any help for the middle class, but I guess he was bought and paid for by those millionaire donors, . I sincerely hope, you would take a moment to remember yes you are part of the Republican party, but first and foremost, you are elected to represent the people in this state, and which way would you vote to help your own folks first. Thank you, sincerely, Terri Cobb

Sandyville , WV