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1st-term Republican from West Virginia.
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Are We Dealing With A Psychopath?

Sen. Shelley Capito

March 7, 2013

  Just the other day someone brought the topic of how to tell if your involved with a psychopath and they had some very interesting tests, so for some fun someone suggested they enter Obama's known traits and they did. What they came up with really blew them away! To summaries, Obama is Narcissistic in a number of ways, he is Devious, Callous, Reckless and lacks Empathy and he can obviously put on a show or acting like he has some empathy, but he really does not care as he got what he wanted. Obama has done a number of things and shows absolutely no sense of guilt or remorse.

The traits Obama has demonstrated in public entered in to a test sums up like this! He will using your empathy to control to manipulate and or deceive his targets out of their money, support, lives and once the victim or victim's is used up he will move on to another one.
People that guard their empathy will be passed by as he cannot get anywhere with them without really working at it and making it obvious and he has done that a few times. He will kill people that are seen as a real threat to his goals or agenda.

There is so much more, but he is unfit for office.

hedgesville , WV