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1st-term Republican from Arizona.
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Who Bears Responsibility?

Rep. Paul Gosar
Sen. Jeff Flake

May 2, 2013

 We in America have entities like OSHA to prevent workplace disasters like the garment building fires and the collapse in Bangladesh, but can we claim the moral high ground when we buy products from places who don't have the strict enforcement of regulations as we do? The EPA regulates the impact businesses here have on our environment, but how does it help the air quality for those in Beijing when they are making much of our consumer electronics? How does the Dept of Labor impact factories in India, Taiwan, China or South America who have greatly increased their manufacturing capacity as ours shrinks? Can you tell me how ANYONE with a conscience can buy foreign products and not feel guilty for his neighbor who is out of work? Unfortunately, many essential products made here are either incredibly expensive or just no longer available.
We are taxing the wrong people. Domestic manufacturers and small businesses should pay NO TAX AT ALL, and importers should be paying 35%. Pay for it by ending subsidies. If a business can't make it on 0% tax, they need to find something else to do. Tax individuals what you want to, as long as EVERYONE PAYS THE SAME RATE for income or capital gains, no deductions.
If you are worried about starting a trade war, WAKE UP! That is like not acknowledging the war with terrorists until Sept 11 2001.

Yuma , AZ