Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
1st-term Republican from Arizona.
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All messages are published with permission of the sender. The general topic of this message is Civil Liberties:
Law abiding Get NO Respect From Government

Rep. Paul Gosar
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Jeff Flake

April 3, 2013

What world are you people living in? The real world or some gated community somewhere? When a felon tries to buy a gun, isn't that act illegal? You politicians always talk about how many illegal gun purchases have been stopped by background checks. DO YOU EVER talk about how many felons' paroles were revoked, were prosecuted, or were at least talked to about their desire to illegally buy a gun? Any law that is not vigorously enforced can only harm the law abiding, by putting them at a disadvantage to those that DON'T CARE about the law. New laws only force citizens to choose between becoming victims or becoming criminals themselves. IT DOESN'T MATTER what issue we are talking about. Immigration, pollution, finance, exploitation of labor, or taxes, with EVERY NEW LAW you POLITICIANS SHOW NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW ABIDING, and ALWAYS GIVE CRIMINALS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.
Also giving up sovereignty to the United Nations will be your undoing.

Yuma , AZ