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I suport gun rights

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Jeff Flake

March 19, 2013

 With the details of Senator Fienstien and Shumer's bills becoming available, it is clear these bills would do nothing to prevent crime or save even one life. They do, however, create an undue burden and place needless restrictions on the lawful gun-owner.

Senator Fienstien's bill is clearly written without an understanding of the purpose and use of firearms. In her testimony in her hearing, she regularly used incorrect terms and has based her bill on a misunderstanding as to the purpose for various features. In one example, she refers to a hand-guard as a "barrel shroud" and states it is for "spray fire." Not only is spray fire a ineffective technique relegated exclusively to Hollywood, but hand-guards that cover both the top and bottom of the barrels are to protect the user's hand from heat, and was a common feature of bolt-action rifles since the late 1800s.

Shumer's bill makes me a criminal if I hand a shotgun to a friend on public lands to engage in some skeet shooting, while doing nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or those with mental health problems.

Both of these things have been tried before and have failed. Neither measure can reasonably be expected to stop one crime, or save even one life.

Oppose these bills and focus instead on things that have a possibility of working like fixing mental health reporting to NICS.