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3rd-term Democrat from Florida.
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March 21, 2013

 Our military, while vital to our protection, wastes an enormous amount of money. How much does it cost to maintain and support our overseas bases. We don't require a standing army in Germany, in England, in Italy, in Japan or even for that matter in So. Korea. If these places can't stand on their own, maybe they don't deserve to stand at all. At the very worst, any of them that can't take care of themselves and require our support to survive, should then take orders from us. Forward bases are wonderful so that we can move troops quickly, as necessary - as for example to Benghazi. We take orders and insults from a head of state for the privilege of turning over billions of dollars to corrupt politicians, and much worse, give up too many American lives, in Afghanistan. As in Iraq, they favor us with their hatred. Get us out!

Ocala , FL