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The Time For Token Opposition To ObamaCare Is Over. It's Time To Defund And Stop ObamaCare!

Rep. Ron DeSantis
Sen. Bill Nelson
Sen. Marco Rubio

March 19, 2013

TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership Of The United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives: The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. John Thune, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. John A. Boehner, The Hon. Eric Cantor, The Hon. Kevin McCarthy, The Hon. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, The Hon. James Lankford

RE: The Time For Token Opposition To ObamaCare Is Over. It's Time To Defund And Stop ObamaCare!

The American people will accept no less, and yet you continue to do nothing more than lodge opposition to ObamaCare when you actually have the power to stop ObamaCare's implementation dead in its tracks.

Two weeks ago, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed yet another "short-term" Continuing Resolution to squander the American people's hard-earned tax dollars at the out-of-control levels that were imposed by the Pelosi-Reid Congress several years ago; and yes, that Continuing Resolution also funds the full implementation of ObamaCare.

Republicans control the majority in the House of Representatives. Republicans control a sufficient number of seats in the Senate to sustain a filibuster. Quite frankly, there is no reason why ObamaCare can't be defunded today.

It's time for you to make a choice. The American people will no longer let elected officials get away will simply voting against ObamaCare. You have the power to stop it and the American people are expecting you to do just that.

St Johns , FL