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We can choose to oppose tyrants...

Rep. Jeffrey Thompson
Vice President Mike Pence

March 2, 2013

I write you this evening to again, urge you to oppose any and all anti-gun legislation, or proposals. Gun owners are being trampled by Washington, and the media at large as being irresponsible people, who are a danger to public safety simply because they own a rifle with a polymer stock. Anti-gun laws only harm innocent people. They do nothing to stop violence or crime. And everything to welcome authoritarianism. While we may not necessarily face such a government at this time, democratic nations have gone tyrannical before. And it can happen here. But not if we oppose Dianne Feinstein, and President Obama's run to turn America in to a free fire zone. I am a one issue voter when it comes to my God given firearms rights.

Once again, please do the right thing for the people, and oppose the anti-gun lobby.

Danville , IN